Exciting Experiences Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, Japan

Exciting Experiences Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, Japan

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3 months ago
Did you know @metmuseum has a #podcast for both #MetAliceNeel and #MetMedici (which is @Spotify)? Now you can can 🎧 incredible stories in--or outside- of the museum!
3 months ago
As always, @edoballerini, we 💕working with you! #MetMedici
acoustiguide photo
Edoardo Ballerini @edoballerini
If you happen to be at the @metmuseum and pick up the latest @acoustiguide Audio Tour about The Medici Family, you may recognize the narration... also available as a podcast on @Spotify
4 months ago
Escape the rainy New York (long) weekend & head to @metmuseum for "Alice Neel: People Come First." And 🎧 to the podcast while you're there! #MetAliceNeel
5 months ago
A year ago, we highlighted the work of @BallardAlliance in Seattle. When storefronts there were boarded up, artists went to work, creating vibrant murals on top of those boards. 🎧their stories & see their images, by @moltstudios here:
5 months ago
Escape your screens this glorious spring week-end at "Modern Look" @TheJewishMuseum, reviewed today by @jsf here Audio features interview with designer/architect Leslie Gill. #modernlookphoto