Here at Acoustiguide, we’ve been working with museums and attractions across the globe to make our audio experiences available for listeners at home.

This month we’re especially excited about Pompeii, a new exhibit at the Grand Palais in Paris! 

The exhibit includes high definition AR and VR featuring 360° projections and 3D reconstructions of streets and homes. Rounding out the experience is Acoustiguide’s rich audio guide, which delves deep into Pompeiian life

Laetitia Portal, the Managing Director of the French office, said “…One of the most exciting challenges of this immersive exhibition is to make the day-to-day life of Pompeii live from morning to evening with the recreation of the eruption and all the spectacular effects. There are so many great experiential moments for adults, kids and visually impaired visitors.”

For the audio guide, Portal and her team interviewed eight different experts, including volcanologists, film directors, and scenographers, who discussed objects and discoveries from the latest excavations as well as behind-the-scenes insights into the process of creating a virtual world. Acoustiguide reconstructed what Pompeii sounded like using ambient sounds and historically accurate music – including an ancient Roman flute called a tibia.

The exhibit and its audio guide have been praised in several French publications including Le Parisien, Télérama, and Le Figaro.

While we eagerly await the moment when our cherished institutions re-open, right now, anyone across the globe can escape to the Grand Palais and learn about Pompeii – and that’s something to be excited about.

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