New Audio Experience in Central Park

In a happy coincidence, Acoustiguide’s most recent project engages visitors out-of-doors, celebrating New York City’s greatest oasis – Central Park.

Have you ever wondered why there’s a castle in the middle of Central Park? If so, you will find the answer in the Central Park Conservancy’s new digital guide, which tells the story of the Park’s beloved Belvedere Castle. The experience solves other great mysteries, too, including how the Ice Age set the blueprint for Belvedere, how the Park’s turtles chill—literally—in wintertime, and why there’s a weather station sited at the Castle. As you’re getting the behind-the-scenes reveal of the Belvedere’s great history, you’ll also find out how the Belvedere has managed to endure its 150 years—possible only because of the urgent work of the Conservancy, founded in the early 1980s to protect and preserve the Park.

“This multilingual auditory experience is an example of the innovative ways the Conservancy is working to enhance the Park experience and bring the Belvedere Castle, one of Central Park’s most beloved landmarks, to an even broader audience,” said Andrea Buteau, Director of Visitor Experience at Central Park Conservancy. “Acoustiguide’s expertise in creating accessible audio guides helped bring our vision to life.”

Officially launching on August 17th, the self-guided audio experience tour is replete with engaging anecdotes, multiple voices, a signature soundtrack, and features Central Park Conservancy President and CEO, Elizabeth W. Smith, Conservancy architect Denise Keaveney, and New York Municipal Archives Conservator, Cynthia Brenwall.

The audio guide is made possible through the support of Bloomberg Philanthropies and is available on the Bloomberg Connects app and the Conservancy’s website in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language. When the Belvedere re-opens, visitors will be able to access the guide onsite on Acoustiguide’s players.