The new audio guide service at the Sagrada Familia delivers accessibility and more languages

  • A tour available in 15 spoken languages as well as in Catalan, Spanish and international sign language.
  • A project that has involved the collaboration of the Embassy of Korea in Spain and the Cultural and Recreational Centre for the Deaf in Barcelona.
  • High-quality content that will guide visitors through the interpretive process at the Sagrada Familia, providing a personal and unique experience


(Madrid, Tuesday 10 July 2018). – Last April the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia launched a new audio guide service, managed by Audioguiarte. The resource offers fresh, high-quality content specifically conceived for audiences from all over the world. The tour created for the launch is available in 15 languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish and Hungarian. The Embassy of Korea (Republic) in Spain provided invaluable support for the production of the tour in Korean.

Another highlight of the new service delivers accessibility to the contents for deaf people. A sign-language audio guide is now available in Catalan, Spanish and the international sign system. This particular aspect of the project was carried out entirely by a team of deaf people from CERECUSOR (Cultural and Recreational Centre for the Deaf, Barcelona), coordinated by Audioguiarte.

Audioguiarte and the Sagrada Familia are currently working together to introduce new tours for all kinds of audiences, including new accessibility projects, a tour for families and specific versions for groups and audiences with less time available. The pursuit of excellence is at the core of all of these new developments, in terms of delivering high-quality technology, high-quality content and high-quality interaction with visitors.

Audioguiarte’s mission is to enrich the visitor experience at museums and tourist attractions, both national and international, through the use of cutting-edge information technologies. In the last 15 years, the Audioguiarte team has worked with cultural institutions, tourist sites, entertainment venues and miscellaneous other places that lend themselves to guided tours. Its aim is to reach all visitor profiles.

Audioguiarte is the exclusive distributor in Spain of the international group Acoustiguide. A world leader in the delivery of audio and multimedia experiences, the company has spent more than 60 years developing technologies and services for hundreds of museums and cultural centres. The new tour for the Sagrada Familia includes Acoustiguide’s latest generation of multimedia guides, Opus+, which features an enhanced, visitor-friendly interface, a resilient and ergonomic design, and an innovative flexibility and ease-of-use for both visitors and tour guides alike at this temple visited by thousands of people every day.

As well as being available for individual visitors, the Opus+ device is integrated with the guide system offered specifically to groups visiting the temple. This means that numerous groups of visitors can tour the temple simultaneously, listen to their guides and, if they want to, turn on the audio commentary offered by Opus+ without breaking the obligatory silence in this sacred place.

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