Audio Guides Bring to Life the Tower of London

A fortress, palace and prison, the Tower of London’s remarkable tour offers a selection of options to guide visitors at their own pace and chosen route.  The tour provides the origins of the Tower, the Medieval Palace and the stories of imprisonment and execution.  The guides can be picked up from the Visitor Centre near the Beefeater Shop.

  • Tour options include;
  • Introduction Tour
  • Traitor’s Gate tour
  • Medieval Palace tour
  • Normans and Before tour
  • Imprisonment and Execution tour
  • Crown Jewels – including the VI Tour option
  • Life at the Tower tour

The Tower of London is one of the UK’s most visited heritage attractions with nearly 3 million visitors a year from around the world.  In addition the languages offered in the audio guide include Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Japanese and Korean.

Acoustiguide’s creative team produced the engaging and immersive kid’s tour option for the audio guides, which has proven to be quite popular for adults too!  Prepare to be guided by the Tower Ravens, who time travel through important events throughout the Tower’s history.  Their unique insight introduces and informs the visitors about the infamous occupants and the gruesome executions that occurred at the famous Tower.

With 1,200 new audio guides and nearly 3 million visitors to the Tower each year, this incredibly innovative project demonstrates the close relationship between Historic Royal Palaces and Acoustiguide, who also provide full staffing at the Tower; a dynamic and happy group experienced in looking after visitors and services.

Acoustiguide further provided a full end to end solution for both the Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace, covering networking and integration of the devices, charging solutions with customised casing with beacon alarm solution.

Acoustiguide and Historic Royal Palaces
The same audio guide solutions with bespoke casing, charging and alarm solutions, are also in place at Hampton Court Palace.

Acoustiguide’s Opus devices are in place at Banquetine House. For tickets, opening times and bookings please visit