Dear Friend:

We’re writing to inform you of what’s happening at Acoustiguide in the midst of changes wrought by the COVID-19 virus. It’s an uncertain time for everyone, but we want to reassure you our work is ongoing without interruption.

Our teams are working from home, including our studio team, which have full engineering facilities and abilities to produce all of our audio experiences and program our proprietary devices from remote locations. We are armed with laptops and microphones and plenty of creativity that will serve our current and future projects well.

We are in frequent touch with all of our recording studios to vet their practices in keeping their studios clean and germ-free, and are assured, for this moment, our ongoing audio production work can continue. In the event that it cannot, we have strategies in place for doing “home” recordings for interviewees and VO actors. The same is true for our translation teams.

Acoustiguide has always been mindful that proprietary devices can be a delicate tool for anyone who is germ-sensitive, and so our practice has always been to have extensive hygienic protocols to ensure each device is wiped down before and after a visitor takes a tour. We always offer headphones as an option, and now, going forward, will also offer the option of disposable earbuds. Of course, many of our tours are available via apps for download on visitors’ own devices and we can assist clients who would like to add a mobile tour option. When museums are back up and running, we will be ever vigilant that these good practices continue.

This is a difficult time for everyone, and we are deeply proud to be part of the #musetech and #musesocial communities and are thrilled—but not at all surprised—by how quickly museums have pivoted to showcasing their collections digitally on-line. We, too, are looking forward to making past and present audio programs available to the public and will have news to share in the coming weeks. If we can assist you at all during this time, please reach out to us. Together, we can continue to be a source of joy and inspiration, champion great storytelling, and provide experiences that can remind us of the many wonderful things we can be grateful for.

We wish you and your teams excellent health and fortitude and look forward to continuing our creative partnership.

Very best,

Daniela Gorelov & Eyal Ben Gigi
co-CEOs, Acoustiguide