For your guests, all they have to know is that it is easy to use, comfortable to hold, with rich audio and a screen that’s bright, clear and vivid enough to deliver gorgeous images, great video, interactive capabilities, and wayfinding features.

Opus+ can hold more than 500 hours of multilingual audio, multimedia content and images. With its customizable keypad, high-quality stereo sound, and the ability to play video and animation, our Opus+ devices transform every visitor tour into an unforgettable adventure. You can even sync the audio on the device with your exhibit’s in-gallery videos for a completely immersive experience. Pretty cool!

On the Back End:
To use Acoustiguide’s Modular Charging Cabinet, simply place the player in any one of the custom nests for intelligent charging. No fragile connectors to align, which means smooth, easy, fast and reliable operation.

Our OCMTM proprietary Content Management System makes creating, delivering and updating your content easy. Designed and developed by our in-house software engineering team lets you have full independence over the process of creating and updating audio and multimedia tours. Define, create, build and load Opus with the desired multimedia tour. From the simplest to the most sophisticated tour, you can include an unlimited number of items of any type in any number of languages in a quick and in-built manner. Other intelligent design features include the ability to activate location-based content, data collection,  visitor surveys, synchronized presentations, control-specific delivery options, and so much more.