New York and San Diego—November 7, 2019 – It started as a conversation at a museum conference. Two leaders in the museum interpretation sector with two game-changing, award-winning creative businesses wanted to change expectations. They said: Let’s make the visitor experience at museums, cultural sites, and tourist attractions a premium experience. They said: Let’s make storytelling and technology seamless and frictionless. Their goal? To blow visitors’ minds.

Today, the savvy minds behind Acoustiguide, Inc. and Guru have formed a creative partnership that leverages the best digital platform and the best content in the industry into one product they call ‘The A-G Experience.’ Acoustiguide will become Guru’s exclusive content producer, equipment, and staffing partner, and Guru will become Acoustiguide’s exclusive software, augmented reality and virtual reality partner. The partnership will begin with Acoustiguide’s clients in North America and will eventually be rolled out worldwide. The A-G Experience represents the first time two former industry competitors have come together to offer one complete solution.

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Co-CEO of Acoustiguide and Managing Director of the Americas, Daniela Gorelov, says, “Timing is everything in life. Paul approached Acoustiguide about the idea of working together, and it was an immediate yes. Both of us have realized what we do well. We both realized you need to partner to compete. Let’s get together and disrupt as much as we can.”

“At Acoustiguide, I compare our creative team to the award-winning directors and writers who work in Hollywood. And who better to partner with than Guru, which has a platform that’s superior to anything I’ve seen in the marketplace,” says Gorelov. “Ease of use, great UX, quality of the AR and VR, and analytics, analytics, analytics. Paul and his team understand analytics better than anyone.”

Guru’s data platform helps clients use their resources more efficiently by providing deep-dive analytics that reveal how visitors experience an institution.

“In the end, one of the great benefits of our collaboration is to allow our clients to develop unprecedented access to analytics of user experiences,” concluded Gorelov.

“This information will help institutions to optimize their operations across the board,” said Paul Burke, Founder and President of Guru, “and in the end, sites increase their ability to grow ROI or revenue generation while providing first-in-class visitor experiences.”

Burke continues, “We want to help everyone we work with be as successful as possible. Our willingness to shift that perspective from competitive to collaborative is key and based on that fundamental desire to provide the very best partner to work with.”

In its earliest days, Acoustiguide provided visitors to Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt’s Hyde Park home with reel-to-reel players and behind-the-scenes stories from the First Lady herself. Since then, the company has produced thousands of hours of best-in-class audio and multimedia experiences for the cultural sphere at places such as the Statue of Liberty- Ellis Island Foundation, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

Guru began in 2015 after Burke took his niece and nephew to Rome, and they refused to take audio tours because “they were too boring.” That was enough inspiration for the doting uncle to re-think how smartphones could be used in the museum space to act as “personal concierge, tour guide, and time machine.” Guru has since worked to enhance visitor experience for the twenty-first-century visitor. Guru’s clients include the San Diego Museum of Art, USS Midway Museum, and Space Center in Houston in Houston, Texas.

Previously, clients and cultural institutions had to make too many choices—between content, a rental device, or an app—but could not fully get the best of all. No longer. The A-G Experience offers all of Acoustiguide and Guru’s current and future clients the best in the industry.

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About Acoustiguide – Acoustiguide provides the leading audio and multimedia experiences to hundreds of museums, tourist and entertainment sites worldwide, creating award-winning content and offering the best in hardware, staffing and operations solutions. All content is customized for each site, and hardware can be branded. To learn more, click here.

About Guru – Guru’s unparalleled digital platform is setting the new standard for mobile experiences at cultural institutions. Each customizable app is thoughtfully designed to offer visitors the most engaging, exciting and interactive experience available while meeting each institution’s specific needs and empowering their brand. To learn more, click here.