We create multi-lingual, character-driven experiences that seamlessly pair with our intuitive audio tour software and hardware solutions. Whether you are a museum, gallery, exhibition, tour, or entertainment venue, our award-winning team of passionate storytellers will deliver their trademark creativity.

Everyone is different… so Acoustiguide customizes its work—and its work process—to suit your needs.


Developing content strategy, writing immersive and experiential scripts– we craft your site’s experience. We nurture the stories that become ear-catching delights.


Capturing oral histories, personal experiences, insider’s expertise–we show the world through someone else’s eyes.


Diverse voices, experienced actors — we work with some of the best professional voice actors available.


You-are-there sound effects, mood-setting music, 3-D audio, dynamic footage —we make audio and video that keeps you looking…and listening.


Fun for families, American Sign Language, audio description, foreign languages—we ensure our tours are for everyone.


Easy-to-use interfaces, well-designed technology — we design, build and maintain our own software, hardware and multi-media equipment.

Project Management

Acoustiguide partners with our clients from initial concepts to ongoing support, providing the staffing, marketing, and training to ensure Acoustiguide becomes a living part of your site’s experience. We develop with you the ideal turnkey or bespoke audio or multimedia guiding solution. With a global network of offices and a network of distributors around the world from New York to Sydney, from Shanghai to Paris, and from Tokyo to St. Petersburg, Acoustiguide is the first choice of museums, tourist sites and exhibitions around the world.

Advise & Consult

Kick off project, assemble team, implement schedule.

Determine your creative needs and desires and how they fit with your overall goals; implement a creative process that will unlock infinite possibilities.


Plan tour/exhibition, evaluate assets (from IP and tech to collateral), ensure best practices for success.


Conceive and create content.

Write the script, conduct interview, cast actors, compose original music and sound landscape.

Develop end-user design with our in-house software and development team.

Devise plans for installation, staffing, and training.


Design, build and maintain our exclusive OPUS+ with proprietary software.

Every client comes to Acoustiguide with a unique set of needs, but they all share a common goal: to maximize the impact of their limited financial resources with world class interpretation. Acoustiguide’s account managers will walk you through our different business models, guiding you to the most cost-effective solution for your institution.