NPM Southern Branch

NPM Southern Branch


When you walk into an exhibition, you can appreciate the beauty of the objects on display with your eyes, or experience the ambience of the exhibition areas. Have you ever, though, experienced the beauty of objects relying on your sense of hearing alone?

In the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum we have some truly captivating storytellers, who leave no stone unturned and provide you with all you need to know about the objects on display.

The NPMSB Guide App looks at almost 100 specially selected pieces and adopts an immersive approach to investigate their very origins, and to help you “hear” where they came from and discover their beauty. So, are you ready to embark on this journey of exploration of Asian art and culture?

  • The View of the Museum:The architecture / The Public Art
  • The Map of the Museum:GPS orientation of the area, exhibition area floor plan, iBeacon (finding nearby objects)
  • Permanent Exhibition:Asian Textiles / The Art and Culture of Tea in Asia; The Buddhist Art / Understanding Asian Art / A Brief History of Chiayi
  • Temporary Exhibition:Goryeo Celadons / Imari Porcelain Wares / Islamic Jades
  • Exhibitions of Loaned Artifacts:Ming Dynasty Blue-and-White Porcelains / South Asian Costumes / Jade cabbage
  • Appreciation Tour: The classic 60 min tour: Top 20 must-see pieces
  • Special Selection Tour: The 90 min total experience tour: Taking you on an in-depth exploration of the stories behind the Top 30 pieces.


The App features all of the must-see objects in the NPM Southern Branch's collection. Download the App today!

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