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Museum of Contemporary Art Australia Praises App Developers Acoustiguide and Tristan Interactive

Mar 21 2012

 In its March 20th Press Release NEW MCA GETS A DIGITAL MAKE OVER, the Museum announces:


“…….Developed with two of the world’s top smart phone app makers, Acoustiguide and Tristan Interactive, the Museum’s new app, MCA Insight, provides digital interpretation for the MCA Collection and all temporary exhibitions, including the opening exhibition Marking Time. In partnership with the WiFi technology provider Aruba Networks, the MCA has developed a location awareness system for MCA Insight which gives users access to information on the artworks around them, wherever they are in the building. The app also provides an interactive map of the Museum and multiple tours of artworks and exhibitions, and will be freely available in the Android Marketplace and iTunes store via the website:


During their visit, guests can collect works from MCA exhibitions to create their own online gallery. This gallery is both a digital representation of their visit and a place for further investigation, with long form content about artists and works. This project is a key part of a museum-wide interpretation strategy that connects wall labels, MCA Insight, the MCA Collection online and the user’s own gallery, to extend the Museum experience. The app also has a listing of the day’s events within the Museum, upcoming highlights and visitation information. MCA Digital Media Manager Keir Winesmith says “through an exciting collaboration with our technology partners, we have developed an integrated system that allows visitors to really explore the works they discover on our walls during, or after, their visit.”


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